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Surgical Dressing

Wounds are of several types with several causes. Some wounds demand immediate wound care dressings and attention while some start healing on their own. An incision is a cut through the skin that is made during surgery. It is also called a surgical wound. If you want Surgical wound care, whether it’s for a simple […]

Bedsore Dressing

A wound is an harm or a physical damage to the body resulting as a breakdown in the protecting feature of the skin. And if it is not taken care of exactly, it could result in infections with exposure to bacteria & pathogens stricken by cuts or scrapes is an inevitable a part of our […]

Wound Treatment

At Home in Delhi, doctors or nurses for Wound Treatment and wound care not only take care of your wounds but also teach you and your family members how to take the proper care of your wounds for its quick recuperation. professional and caring doctors or nurses provide all essential care commands to you and […]

Wound Dressing

When you were a child, wound care has been an important piece of life. A scraped knee meant antiseptic and a Band-Aid in many homes, however is that the most ideal approach to treat all injuries at home? Odds are that right up ’till today, you’re not treating wounds accurately. Instead of simply staying a […]