Post Surgical Wound

A surgical wound is a cut or an incision in the skin that is usually made using a scalpel during surgery. Surgical wounds are typically closed with surgical glue, staples or stitches. Post-surgical wound care involves skin monitoring, protecting and cleansing the objective is to stop complications and enable acute wound healing. In most situations, with good care, the surgical incisions will perfectly heal within approximately 2 weeks. Most surgical wounds heal by primary intentions. We can provide expert nurses for Post surgical wound care at Home in Delhi.

All surgical wounds require a damp environment to support healing. If a dressing change is required within the first 48 hours post-operatively, aseptic technique should be strictly followed. Cleaning of surgical incision is performed for removal of pathogens, exudate and debris; it should be done with suitable pressure utilizing a safe agent to avoid cytotoxicity. That’s why we have a group of nurses who are certified specifically to treat Surgical wound care at Home in Gurugram.

In post Surgical condition, Depending upon the severity and type of wound a doctor can use different methods to close the wound like skin glue, wound vac or stitches. Which is vacuum assisted closure of the wound. After a tetanus shot would be given in case of puncture wounds to avoid septic and infection. We provide specialists who will visit you at Home in Noida for Surgical Bandages and wound care without having you travel all the way to clinic or hospital.

Surgical wounds are classified by degree of contaminants present. Classification allows for suitable risk stratification for development of complexities and assists with guiding convenient treatment. The risk for complexity is based on several factors, including the level of contamination, mechanism of injury, organ system involvement, patient’s condition before surgical intervention. We understand how important is Post Surgical wounds care and This is the reason we are providing the best facilitate at Home in Ghaziabad to minimize infections, wound healing and pain management.

Post surgery wound care management at Home in Faridabad assists significantly reduce the costs involved in the hospitalization charges. This care evaluation helps patients to return to normal functioning and best health. Post-operative (after Surgery) period is very challenging and is an important interval to fast the healing procedure while managing pain. They will also help you start your recovery process so you can resume your normal routines. Our team will seek out the engagement of your physician to keep them informed of your recovery progress.